How to Maintain Your Wine Collection

It is essential that you, as a wine collector, choose the best wine storage cabinet that would suit your own needs as an individual connoisseur. Therefore, this type of storage cabinet can be beneficial to those wine collectors who are serious about their collections but have limited space available for a large wine fridge, or you might still have the desire to store it in the perfect environment under an existing cabinet inside your kitchen, for example. In addition, when starting for the ideal unit for yourself, wine coolers come in various shapes and sizes to accommodate the needs of all wine collectors. Therefore, many wine fridge or cooler manufacturers, such as, specialize in these advanced appliances, so be assured that you will find the perfect fit. Additionally, look around on the internet or do some store hopping to ensure you find the one that would suit your wine collection’s needs.

Cleaning your wine cooler

As an avid wine collector, you might see yourself by now as a wine connoisseur; however, neglecting to properly take care of your wine cooler, wherein your wine collection is stored, might prove to be contrary to your quest as the best wine collector in the world. Therefore, start by properly cleaning your wine cooler once in a while and using special precautions to accomplish this without damaging the integrity of the unit itself, destroying the very fundaments for which it stands, and that is the proper preservation and aging of your wine bottle collection. And the way to start is by using a soft cloth and a non-abrasive detergent to clean the inside and outside of the cooler, using gentle strokes and washing off any leftover detergent that might have stayed behind. In addition, always ensure that you leave the glass doors of the unit open for a while to ensure that all the moisture seeps outside of the wine cooler.

Placing your wine cooler

Upon receiving your wine cooler, there is quite an important information you need to keep in mind to ensure the excellent working capacity of the unit, which in turn, would also lead to the correct taking care of your wine bottle collection stored inside. Therefore, when placing the unit, for example, a free-standing unit, always ensures that it is placed in an area with sufficient airflow around and underneath the team, and this is especially important, to never put such a type of wine cooler in an enclosed space, which could lead to overheating and the unwanted future costs of repairs or replacements. In addition, because of airflow needed from the bottom of the unit, it is advised not to place it in a space where there is a carpet but instead on a flat and cool tile, wooden or laminate surface. Moreover, always put your specialized appliance in an area where there is not a lot of sunlight seeping through and where it would be exposed to unwanted and prolonged exposure to heat, such as from harmful UV rays given off by the sun.

The perfect environment

Just as you need to take care of your wine cooler from the inside out when talking about its surface, it is also essential to take care of the wine bottles inside. Therefore, it is strongly suggested that you place your bottles in wine racks, on their sides, with the neck facing slightly downwards. And this, in turn, would save your wine bottle’s label and integrity. In addition, always set the humidity level at the optimal 70% to ensure that the corks of the bottles stay secure to ensure no moisture reading the wine itself.

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